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About Hilite Fine Foods

In 1977 David Siegal along with his two sons Joe & Brian opened up Humbertown fruit market that sold produce to customers in surrounding neighbourhoods. After many years of success with the fruit market Joe & Brian realized an opportunity to sell produce to the food service industry.

In 1991 their opportunity turned into reality when they opened up Hilite Fine Foods Inc. on Horner Avenue. Hilite has flourished in the wholesale produce industry selling their premium produce to hotels, convention centers, golf courses, nursing homes and restaurants to name a few. Their produce has even been featured on many Canadian television food shows such as Cook Like A Chef. Because of Hilite's high inventory turn over Joe & Brian shop the Ontario Food Terminal twice a day to ensure that their customer's only receive the freshest and most delicious produce available in Ontario.

Joe & Brian pride themselves on delivering only the best produce to their customers, they will not settle for anything less. Orders placed by 11:00pm will be shipped on the morning delivery run. You can order your produce by calling 416-503-0499. Joe & Brian look forward to your call.