Frequently Asked Questions

Where does Hilite deliver?

Hilite services much of Southern Ontario, with robust delivery schedules throughout the Golden Horseshoe/Niagara region, and daily weekday service in Belleville/PEC.

When does Hilite deliver?

Hilite serves most markets daily, Monday through Saturday. Some markets have seasonal schedule adjustments, please contact our office to see how best we can serve you and your produce needs.

When is the order cut off?

Order cut off for next day service on most items is 11PM. Some items including fresh juices, processed products, wild foraged items, and other specialty items may require additional lead times.

How can I place my order?

Existing Hilite customers can place their order by phone at 416-503-0499 , by email via , or via our online ordering portal, . Not already a customer? Not a problem, click here to get started!

Do I need to order full cases?

The most economical way to order product is by the case, however we understand that sometimes you just don’t need that much, or storage may be limited. That’s why most items on our list are available as partial case items. For split case availability and pricing, please consult the online order portal, or contact our office or your Account Executive.

I don’t see the item I am looking for on the website, is it available?

If you don’t see the item you are looking for, it may be seasonally unavailable, or available as a special order only item. Please contact the office or your Account Executive to see if we can source what you are looking for.

Do you sell from local farms in Ontario?

Hilite supports local growers and did so before it was the fashionable thing to do. We are always the first to have ramps, fiddleheads and Ontario-grown asparagus in the spring, and continue right into the summer with delectable berries, peaches and other tree fruits. After more than 40 years we have not lost our passion for beautiful, fresh produce.

How are returns/credit procedure?

At Hilite we understand that sometimes product needs to come back to the warehouse. All items should be inspected upon receipt, and any adjustments noted on both copies of the invoice. Credits are promptly processed upon the items concerned returning to the warehouse.

Please do not discard any products unless advised to do so by a member of our team; receiving the products back to our facility allows us to continually improve our operations processes and continue to serve you better.