Joe's Market Report

Market Report- Week Beginning Dec 20th 2021


What’s Hot

Decreased demand pressures on the produce supply chain as a whole are producing some great value buy opportunities at the moment. Prices are continuing to decline on many items that are traditionally expensive at this time of year, and we see that trend continuing in to the early part of 2022.

Green and yellow beans are some of the best quality in recent memory, and great value considering the quality.

We are now three weeks in to the California citrus harvest, and fruit sugars are on the rise! Blood Oranges are in ready supply.

The team at Gomes Farms are continuing to produce a fantastic tomato that eats like a summer field tomato! The majority of our tomato supply continues to be local, which allows you to have a tomato that has stayed on the vine longer and tastes sweeter than other import tomatoes.

Our friends at Beanhaven Farms have had another great year of cabbage production, with all varieties in abundance. We have been particularly impressed with the delicate flavour and beautifully light colour of this year’s green cabbage harvest. We think it’s a must for this year’s late fall and early winter menus!

Avocado stocks have improved as this regions harvest has matured, although prices remain elevated for the moment.

Lettuces across the board have improved in quality and price as growing conditions have become more favourable and American Thanksgiving demand pressures have subsided.


Items of Concern

Mushrooms continue to be a major challenge. The supply chain is experiencing severe shortages of ‘fancy’ mushrooms. Oyster/Shiitake/King Oyster mushrooms have been in extremely short supply and are not consistently available. Hilite procures every case of these mushrooms we can, however the availability of these items changes day by day with little to no notice. We strongly suggest that you switch out of these mushrooms for the time being.

We are currently stocking California and Chinese peeled garlic. The California is far superior quality; however, this is reflected in the price. Please note which product you would like to receive when ordering.