Joe's Market Report

Market Report- Week Beginning February 14th, 2022


What’s Hot


Mushroom supply has finally started to normalize! This is great news for chefs looking for King Oyster/Oyster/Shitake Mushrooms.


We have managed to secure a supply of phenomenal California limes, and pricing and quality is excellent!


Melons are fantastic quality right now and are priced very reasonably for this time of year.


Florida Berries have arrived in force! They are eating beautifully, and pricing is excellent with the exception of strawberries.


Local Hothouse products are coming on strong, which is resulting in favourable pricing for cucumbers/zucchini/eggplant.


Lettuce supplies are very stable, with above average quality.


The team at Gomes Farms are continuing to produce a fantastic tomato that eats like a summer field tomato! Most of our tomato supply continues to be local, which allows you to have a tomato that has stayed on the vine longer and tastes sweeter than other import tomatoes.


Items of Concern


The recent border blockages have caused a backlog in freight traffic coming in from the USA, which is still working to resolve itself.


Rising fuel costs are increasing transportation costs from farm to market, and as a result are beginning to impact pricing.


Cold snaps in the Southern USA are impacting product size on some items, although it seems as though many of the key growing regions have avoided any major interruption at this time. Strawberries and Texas herbs are the most common items affected by this now, and size and pricing are reflective of this.


Avocado supply has tightened again, and as a result, avocado pricing is starting to increase. While harvests are at normal levels, distribution is being impeded by holdups at the southern USA border. Timing on the resolution of this remains unclear, and supplies may begin to be impacted.


We are currently stocking California and Chinese peeled garlic. The California is far superior quality; however, this is reflected in the price. Please note which product you would like to receive when ordering.