Joe's Market Report

Market Report- Week Beginning May 8th, 2023


What’s Hot


ONTARIO ASPARGUS arriving late this week! After the wet start to spring, we are thrilled to announce that Ontario Asparagus is now available to order by both the case and pound. Early season quality is excellent!


Ramps and fiddleheads are available, although as always, they come and go quite quickly. Get yours while they are here before we say good-by for another year.


Ontario Greenbelt Hydroponics are available! A premium quality lettuce and herb option with a menu friendly price! Mixed greens/baby kale/baby arugula/super crunch/basil/watercress all available for order. If you haven’t tried these yet we strongly suggest you do!


California citrus is available much later than usual this year, with blood oranges being excellent. A perfect garnish for your patio spritz? We think so! Definitely more appropriate than a fiddlehead anyways.


The recent switch in local weather conditions is great news, and not just because we were starting to think we were going to have to get our delivery team boat licenses! The return of the strong spring sunshine after all this early rain is producing some fantastic early season veg, and is dramatically boosting the quality of our local greenhouse products.


Avocadoes continue to remain steady in price and quality.


Items of Concern


The challenging weather in California is going to play havoc on mid-summer lettuce markets, as farmers are struggling to get crops into the field. Plan ahead - consider taking advantage of many of the excellent quality local hydroponic products we have secured access to. We are particularly impressed with the quality of the Greenbelt Organic lettuces and herbs.


We are in frequent contact with our local farmers trying to get a clear picture of what to expect for summer harvest. Wet field conditions have kept farmers out of fields later than normal, and as such many of our local favourites may be late to market this year. As everything produce, weather plays a huge factor, but keep this in mind as you plan your late spring/early summer menus.


Bananas remain a challenge item, as plantations are stills struggling to recover from last fall’s storms.