Joe's Market Report

Market Report- Week Beginning Aug 29th, 2022


What’s Hot


Welsh Bros. Corn is some of the best we have seen in years, and favourable growing conditions should keep it around for several more weeks! Ear sizes are tremendous, with excellent flavour and sweetness!


Local Peaches are in swing and eating very well right now.


Avocado supply continues to improve, and prices continue to soften. Quality is very high now.


Local tomato season is in full swing, and this year’s harvest is very high quality.


South American Jumbo Blueberries are arriving this week, and they are eating like candy. They are most definitely a Buyers Pick.


Items of Concern


This section should really be titled “What’s Hot”, because that is what is driving most of the concern in the marketplace. Heatwaves throughout North American growing regions, whether California or here at home in Ontario, are causing major growing issues.


Lettuces and leafy greens are arriving with shorter shelf life as they cannot be fully cooled prior to shipping. Brassicas such as cauliflower and broccoli are suffering due to wet weather combined with high temperatures and high humidity, effectively cooking them before they are even harvested!


Extreme heat is also limiting the amount of time workers can spend harvesting crops, which as a result is reducing supply.


We are continuing to do everything we can to secure the best possible product available in the marketplace. With the shorter shelf life associated with these growing conditions, we STRONGLY suggest that you take advantage of our daily delivery service.


Russet potatoes continue to be in short supply due to limited rain and their impact on yields.


Maitake mushrooms remain in limited supply, as there is currently only one growing supply for this item to the Ontario market.



Winding Down


Cherries have finished for another season.