Joe's Market Report

Market Report- Week Beginning June 12th, 2023


What’s Hot


We are thrilled to feature the outstanding product brought to market by our friends at Denboer Farms! This late spring is no exception, as they have begun to arrive at market with their local radishes. More of their fantastic produce continues to arrive daily and weekly, so keep a close eye on our socials for updates.


Ontario asparagus quality remains very high, and the moderate temperatures are adding to an excellent harvest year.


GARLIC SCAPES are arriving to market this week. From pesto to Caesar garnish, we always look forward to their brief but enjoyable appearance. Get them while they last!


Ontario Greenbelt Organic Greenhouse products are available! A premium quality lettuce and herb option with a menu friendly price! Mixed greens/baby kale/baby arugula/super crunch/basil/watercress all available for order. If you haven’t tried these yet we strongly suggest you do!


Ontario lettuces and herbs are starting to hit the market! Lettuces of all types are softening in price, as harvests reach full swing.


Cauliflower represents a fantastic opportunity buy right now, with some of the softest pricing we have seen in the last several years. Pickled, roasted whole, steamed, or our personal favourite, in a trifle, the options are endless. Just kidding about the trifle, that would be weird.


Watermelon is some of the best of the year right now, so please ensure a good supply of bibs and napkins should you choose to indulge! For those looking for a less sweet treat, we also have secured some of the best looking and juiciest lemons we have seen in some time. Watermelon lemonade anyone?


California stone fruit is starting to come on strong and is eating well for an import stone fruit. From talking to local growers, we are expecting a very good Ontario stone fruit season this year, as most orchards were able to escape unharmed from late season frosts.


Berries of all types are a buyers choice item right now, and for those who want a center of the plate dessert berry, Ontario strawberries are available as a case item.



Sneak Peak


Attention all heat freaks! We are excited to have a new grower partner for 2023 and are anticipating a late summer supply of local super-hot peppers! Habaneros, Reapers, Scorpions; we’re sure to have something that gives you the burn you’re looking for!


Items of Concern


A new crop of avocadoes is beginning to come to market. This means longer ripening times, by as much as 50%. Keep this in mind when planning your ripening lead times and make sure to order ahead! As always, we will continue to run our in-house ripening program, but availability of ripe avocadoes can’t always be guaranteed.


Honeydew and cantaloupe melons in smaller sizes are arriving to market with underwhelming flavour. As such, we have switched to a larger size melon which has had more time to develop flavour and sugars before coming to market.


Celery costs remain high due to water restrictions in key growing areas.


Brussels sprout supply is tightening as growing regions switch, which is putting upward pressure on costs.


Bananas remain a challenge item, as plantations are stills struggling to recover from last fall’s storms.