Joe's Market Report

Market Report- Week Beginning Feb 6th, 2023


What’s Hot




As forecast, pricing on most items is coming back down from their end of ’22 highs.


Pineapples are out of this world right now, and the number one buyer’s pick for this report.


Honeydew and Cantaloupe melons are also both receiving high praise from our procurement team and are showing high flavour/sugar content.


Berry prices are down across all types, and quality is as good as we see at this time of the year. Blackberries are of especially high quality right now.


California produce has overcome most of the challenges brought on by the torrential rains that marked the end of ’22 and the start of ’23. To that end, lettuce prices continue to soften, as demand has dropped, and supply has now caught up.


The new crop of Florida potatoes is one of the best in years and are an eating treat! They will be coming online as we wind down Ontario availability.


For those with Frisee on their Valentine’s Day menus, we are thrilled to be able to offer a Spanish Frisee that is unlike anything available domestically! At a 6-count case, the size a colouration of this product must be seen to be believed!


Lastly, in what can only be a sure sign of a Chefs victory, avocado quality is excellent, and prices remain stable to low, a perfect combination for Super Bowl guacamole!


Items of Concern


Bananas/Plantains to continue to be expensive relative to their historical norms. This is caused by a shortage in supply stemming from fall hurricane season which destroyed many banana plantations.


Winding Down


The season for South American Pears is ending, and we will be switching to European Pears shortly.


Ontario cellar potatoes are almost done for the season, and we will gradually be moving all SKUs over to a USA potato as needed.