Joe's Market Report

Market Report- Week Beginning Dec 19th, 2022


What’s Hot


Sugar Plums are in peak season! Carrots are also in short supply as the demand for snowmen continues. Pears are eating spectacularly despite the recent partridge issues.


Christmas produce puns aside; we have some phenomenal holiday/winter products arriving in our coolers every day. Winter citrus – Seville and Blood oranges are in full swing. Kumquats have also arrived and are eating well. Cara Cara oranges may be the best citrus of the season so far, fantastically sweet.


South American grapes are eating very well now.


We have a supply of a beautiful golden kiwi that have been a hit with everyone who have tried them so far.


Bosc pears are a buyers favourite at the moment.


Lettuce prices have started to soften, as demand has dropped allowing supply to catch up. To that end, Baby Gem will be available next week for your New Year’s Eve menus.


Avocado quality is high, and prices are low.


Items of Concern


Cherries have transitioned to case lot only availability. The quality is high, but with a price tag to match as they are flown in from South America.


Bananas to continue to be expensive compared to their historical norms. This is caused by a shortage in supply stemming from fall hurricane season which destroyed many banana plantations.


Pepper prices are beginning to creep upwards as supply remains tight


Water intensive crops, particularly celery are seeing prices go up. Much of this increase can be traced to water restrictions in growing regions and limited rainfall seasons.


Kennebec potatoes have finished for the season.


Winding Down


  1. From the entire procurement and operations team at Hilite, we would like to wish you and your families a happy and prosperous new year!


What did one snowman say to the other?

“Do you smell carrots?”