Joe's Market Report

Market Report- Week Beginning May 23, 2022


What’s Hot


Ontario Asparagus prices are way down, so take advantage while you can. We expect prices to increase to normal levels as growers adjust to market conditions.


For those of you who want to pickle some of the blowout priced asparagus, also consider processing cucumbers, as they are also way down in price. Now is a great time to pack the pantry with spring preserves.


Avocadoes pricing has dropped for two consecutive weeks! We are hopeful that this trend continues, and we are constantly monitoring the markets to ensure you have access to the best quality avocados available at the best possible price.


Ontario hydro strawberries are available and eating very well, especially compared to an imported strawberry. They have a distinct advantage over field berries due to their consistent growing conditions, something to keep in mind as we approach local field season.


Berry quality is very high right now, particularly strawberries, and pricing across all types is quite stable.


Melons, in particular cantaloupe are at their peak right now- this is a BUYERS CHOICE ITEM! Seedless watermelon has also come down in price and are eating very well.


Honey glow pineapples remain available; please make sure you request Honey Glow specifically if you want to receive. They remain a top BUYERS CHOICE ITEM.


Mango season is in full swing, and quality is very high right now, with stable pricing.


We have a full selection of Ontario grown tomatoes, they are eating so much better than an import, and will be a great addition to late spring early summer menus.


Items of Concern


Lower than normal yields in several USA crops have resulted in higher prices here domestically, with Ontario product being sold into the USA market as growers try to take advantage of a favourable exchange rate. This is producing the greatest impact in red and yellow greenhouse peppers, as well as tomatoes.


We continue to source North American peeled garlic, as the quality of other peeled garlic options is sub-par.


We are in the final phase of navel oranges. Quality is very high, but this is reflected in a premium price.


Southern hemisphere grapes are entering their last few weeks of availability. Quality is high with elevated pricing.



Coming Soon


Ontario Herbs are slowly coming to market, and we should have a full compliment of local herbs within a few weeks, if the weather cooperates.


Washington cherries are a few weeks away- growers are forecasting a reduced crop this year due to less than favourable growing conditions.


Winding Down


Ramps and fiddleheads are coming to a close for another season, with fiddleheads likely lasting a little longer than ramps. Please keep this in mind moving forward when planning menus.


Jumbo White potatoes are quickly finishing for the season.