Joe's Market Report

Market Report- Week Beginning July 4th, 2022


What’s Hot


We are excited to announce that Denboer Farms has arrived in force! So far this season we have a gorgeous assortment of radishes and mini top carrots, with more expected.


This year’s local pea harvest has arrived, and the quality is impressive. Our team can’t get enough, whether they’re snacking on snap peas, or shelling English peas for a beautiful early summer salad. Take advantage while there here.


Top quality melons have arrived just in time for BBQ season. Our buyer particularly recommends cantaloupe and seedless watermelon, both of which are very well now!


Ontario Field Strawberries are in and eating well. Because of how local weather patterns can affect shelf life, they are available by the case only. California strawberries are available and eating very well and are available as a split.


Berry quality is very high right now, particularly strawberries, and pricing across all types is quite stable.


California stone fruit is now in full swing, with excellent quality, with peaches and nectarines eating particularly well.


Honey glow pineapples remain available; please make sure you request Honey Glow specifically if you want to receive. They remain a top BUYERS CHOICE ITEM.


We have a full selection of Ontario grown tomatoes, they are eating so much better than an import, and will be a great addition to summer menus.


Zucchini, courgettes, fancy-cucumbers; whatever you call them we’ve got them!!!  Flowers available by the basket, and green and yellow field zucchini are all available from Howard Farms, and this year is looking to be another excellent harvest.


Local eschalots have arrived for this year.


Items of Concern


With the cool/wet start to the late spring/early summer, Ontario growing season is about three weeks behind previous years, please keep this in mind when planning for local availability. Rest assured we are working to ensure we can get the best of our local harvest as soon as it becomes available.


Many growing regions are switching over right now, which is constricting supply and raising prices. Green Peppers are a prime example of this, as we switch move from Florida to South Carolina.


For our chefs planning hot sauce production, please be aware that our usual farmer for super-hot peppers has informed us that they ARE NOT planning a harvest for this year. We are continuing to look for a local supply of super-hots chilis.


Peeled garlic is available from either California or China; the California garlic quality is far superior, although the Chinese product does have a cost advantage. Please ensure you order the product that best suits your needs.


California grapes are in season, and the quality is high, although this is reflected in the market price.


We continue to source a California navel orange, as we believe this is the best product on the marketplace. The reduced time in transport allows for a fresher, juicier fruit; some of the other citrus available in the market can spend more than 8+ weeks in transit before reaching North America!


Coming Soon


This biggest driver in costs throughout the market right now continues to be freight/shipping costs associated with landing product in Ontario. To this end, we are working diligently with our supply partners to explore new avenues and products to help reduce shipping costs and lessen our environmental impact. We have several product lines coming that we believe meet these goals, while maintaining the commitment to quality that we believe has helped make Hilite a leader in the marketplace. Keep an eye out for specific announcements regarding availability!




Winding Down


Local asparagus is done for this season.


Ontario cabbage is winding down for the year, with the next harvest anticipated mid-to-late August. We will do all we can to maintain a supply of the Ontario product, as it is far superior to an imported cabbage.