Joe's Market Report

Market Report- Week Beginning October 16th, 2023


What’s Hot


Whether you prefer to bob for them, candy them, or are simply a William Tell wannabe, Local Ontario Apples are in full swing! With a dozen varieties and sizes available, we almost certainly have what you need. Gala apples are a buyers choice item right now for price and flavour!


Ontario root veg is in full swing. Beets, carrots, and parsnips are excellent right now. Note that the only local baby beets available this season are baby red, all other varieties are imported.


Figs continue to be outstanding and are a fantastic choice for fall cheese boards.


Ontario brussels sprouts are available, and for those looking for a sprout with a bit more pizzaz, we also have an excellent supply of brussels sprouts on the stalk!


Ontario Cauliflower is having a strong season, and we are pleased with the quality and price coming to market. For those interested in non-standard varieties, think Romanesco, gold etc., supply can be sporadic, and it is best to book ahead to give our procurement team enough time to ensure we have your product.


We have a beautiful selection of grapes at the moment, including red and green table grapes that are eating like candy, and fantastic selection of champagne and concord grapes.


Ontario Potatoes are having an excellent year and should stay with us until mid-to-late December. Pricing is quite reasonable, especially given the quality.


For those looking for Frisee that has more fun, we currently have a supply of gorgeous Spanish Blonde Frisee that is 3x-5x the size of the traditional North American heads we see in the market here.


Items of Concern


Aw shucks! Local corn season is all done for another year, and the last Ontario Corn is in our coolers now. We love working with our partners at Welsh Bros. Farms and can’t wait for next year’s harvest!


Avocado prices remain elevated; however, quality is high.


We have a full selection of winter squash available now, however shelf life on winter squashes will be shorter than normal due to the excessive rain we had locally over the summer. Please keep this in mind when ordering

And those of you who were belting Toto all summer – Stop It! Summer rains have also had a dampening effect on Ontario Onion yields this year, resulting in a poor-quality harvest this year. As a result, we are sourcing imported onions at this time, and will continue to source the highest quality product we can get our hands on.