Joe's Market Report

Market Report- Week Beginning July 10th, 2023


What’s Hot


Your Account Reps! Seriously, it’s spicy out there! But while we’re all schvitzing, our local produce is loving it and coming on strong!


Our partners at Denboer are back at it again, this time bringing their fantastic local bunched mini top carrots to market. Purple/Orange/Yellow and Thumbelina are now available. We are also happy to announce that contrary to earlier expectations, we have access to a local Red mini beet this season. Local Candystripe and Golden will NOT be available.


Ontario Peas are now in full swing, and are eating wonderfully.


Perfectly timed for BBQ season, romaine hearts are very high in quality right now and quite reasonably priced. We are particularly enjoying them grilled with a broken Caesar dressing.


California Mission Figs are a revelation right now! Buyer’s choice item! They are eating so wonderfully right now. Don’t sleep on these!


Washington Cherries are on in force and eating wonderfully. Some of the best sweet cherries we’ve seen in a few seasons.


In the words of Bruce Buffer- Let’s Get Readddddy to Crumbbbblllleeee! Local Sour Cherries are in, perfect for your fight night dessert!


If a fight night crumble is not your thing, then we suggest giving Local Ontario Field Strawberries a shot. They are available by the case, and a perfect option for the Wimbledon Classic Strawberries & Cream. For those wanting a split case, Florida Strawberries are also of exceptional quality now.


Local Garlic Scapes are here and going strong.


Local Kale is now in stock, along with collard greens, green cabbage, broccoli and cauliflower.

Ontario Greenbelt Organic Greenhouse are available! A premium quality lettuce and herb option with a menu friendly price! Mixed greens/baby kale/baby arugula/super crunch/basil/watercress all available for order. If you haven’t tried these yet we strongly suggest you do!


Items of Concern


Ontario Asparagus is done for another year.


A new crop of avocadoes is beginning to come to market. This means longer ripening times, by as much as 50%. Keep this in mind when planning your ripening lead times and make sure to order ahead! As always, we will continue to run our in-house ripening program, but availability of ripe avocadoes can’t always be guaranteed.


Bananas remain a challenge item, as plantations are stills struggling to recover from last fall’s storms.